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For many years now, our school has welcomed volunteers and interns from all over the world and of all ages.

Why come as a volunteer?

Volunteering is without doubt a unique experience, both humanly and emotionally. Confronting cultural diversity has the power to change one's own vision of the world which surrounds us.

At VHMaVi, our volunteers are fully integrated in the pedagogical project and in the local life, accompanied by Saru and Pramod. Your impact is direct and real.

A volunteer team
Two volunteers

Life at VHMaVi as a volunteer

In addition to your actions at school, you are immersed in a friendly hostel, housed and fed at Saru and Pramod's, called 'la Maison du Bonheur\(the House of Happiness).

Your typical day:

8am – You meet with other volunteers around a beautiful breakfast table.

9am – Start of the school day, each volunteer dedicates themselves to their project (see below).

3:40pm – End of the school day. Your afternoon is free. Maybe you would prefer to spend time in the boarding school with the children? Or rather walk around the surrounding nature and town with the other volunteers?

7pm – Dinner all together.

For students as well as volunteers, Saturday is the only day off. You can take advantage of this day to visit Kathmandu valley and its famous sites, such as Bhaktapur, Bodhanath, Kirtipur, etc...

Price for full pension: 250€/month

Daily help

As a volunteer, you can be implicated in actions regularly, from day to day. In our students' timetables, there are several hours which are propitious for volunteer intervention:

You could supervise students during their free classes, during their autonomous working time without a teacher, and during exam sessions.

You could also help students during extra tuition classes or in the evening at the boarding school, during their evening study time.

A volunteer during the break
A volunteer during a workshop

Implementing a precise project

If you have any specific skills, it could be interesting to implement a project linked to these skills.

The students have several hours of school project in a week during which volunteers can intervene.

From French classes to the preparation of a permaculture garden, as well as the organisation of a science fair, all disciplines and skills can be exploited. Don't hesitate to propose any ideas.

Improvement of infrastructures

Regularly, the school requires help to intervene on its infrastructures.

This can consist of an inventory for school supplies, the creation or updating of sponsorship profiles, painting or development work, as well as communication work by intervening on newsletters or our website.

Some volunteers with some students
A volunteer during a workshop

"I always wanted to complete a solidarity mission abroad. With my intervention at VHMaVi, I had the opportunity to achieve this goal whilst linking it to my studies. Throughout these 2 months, I have shared some unforgettable moments with the students through dance classes and history of art classes.

My experience here has been enriching as well as touching. In addition to my contact with the students, living here for several weeks has allowed me to rediscover the pleasure of taking my time and appreciate the simple things in daily life. I will come back to Nepal without hesitation to relive this human and cultural experience!"

Marie, volunteer 2019

Why not you?!

If you have questions concerning volunteering at the Victor Hugo Manjushree Vidyapith school, don't hesitate to share them with us via our contact form.

You wish to experience something unique and are convinced that you can bring help to the school? Don't hesitate, send us your application via the formula below.

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