Boarders before the dinner

The boarding school

In order to welcome children from more isolated regions of Nepal or from impoverished families, the school has a boarding school at its disposal since 2010, located less than one kilometre away from the school.

This boarding school not only enables the children to evolve in a studious atmosphere (the boarding staff and volunteers offer daily tuition which encourages academic success) but also to live in good sanitary conditions and eat vegetables grown in the garden!

With some children coming from extremely impoverished families, the boarding school is a valuable aid, both for the children as well as for the parents.


The infrastructures

As a result of the earthquake in 2015, the previous boarding school was destroyed and the school constructed a new building to relocate its boarders. After successful fundraising, three buildings were inaugurated: the dormitory, the sanitary building and the canteen.

The canteen is the main living space for the boarders. In this spacious room, the children eat all together, do their homework or just simply spend time doing their favourite activities (dancing, games, reading, drawing...).

New boarding school under construction

The new boarding school

To face the increasing number of and to offer good life conditions to many more students from disadvantaged families, the school built a new dormitory that allows 100 students to live in since May 2019.
You can find a retrospective of the inauguration in presence of the financing association presidents Children&Future and GSE Foundation, of the French Ambassador and of budhanilkantha's mayor on our Facebook page!