Our students

There are currently from nursery to class 10 at Victor Hugo Manjushree Vidyapith. From 18 months to 18 years old, each has their story and their horizons are sometimes significantly different.

Children from disadvantaged families

At VHMaVi, it is out of the question to ignore the disadvantaged. Amongst our students, many come from families that are sometimes particularly impoverished and more than % of them are exempted of school fees. Access to education for all is a primordial cause for us, in order to give each and every child the necessary tools to build their future.

Child portrait

From Chapali… to the Far West of Nepal!

Initially created for the children of the village of Chapali, the school now welcomes children from different regions of Nepal.

A vast majority of students live less than 1,5km from school. There is no school transport at VHMaVi, everyone comes by foot. This offers an education that is near families living in the village. Although the students live in the area, they originate from all corners of Nepal, their families having migrated to Kathmandu du to better job prospects and living conditions.

Our boarding school also allows us to welcome children that live far away and have been recommended to us. Coming from the Nuwakot district, or the regions of Solu Khumbu, Teraï or even the Far West, these children are given accommodation only a few minutes away from school.

Student group