Our mission

In response to gaps in the Nepalese education system, VHMaVi proposes an innovative pedagogy that is open to all in order to educate future generations.

The inclusion of alternative human-focused subjects, the pre-school reforms, the contact with foreign volunteers and the implication of teachers are some of the many factors contributing to the awakening of this youth.

A dance performance by our students

The development of new skills

All traditional subjects are taught with an approach centred on understanding rather than learning by heart.

In addition, the school enables students to develop:

Their creativity with art classes, dance classes or music classes

Their critical thinking with public speaking and group projects.

Their analysis skills with specialised workshops.

Finally, many volunteers intervening at the school expose our students to cultural diversity and specific skills, which awaken their curiosity and openness to the world.

Waste reuse workshop

An ethic focused on the future

We can't educate the future generation without showing our students the challenges facing the world today. Sensitisation to ecology, social justice and non-discrimination constitute part of the values we cherish and wish to transfer to Nepalese youth.

Students in the schoolyard

A quality education for all

Our school is leading a quest for equal chances. Access to education for children from deprived families and backgrounds is something we deeply value.

We propose to our students lacking means an exemption of fees. This concerns over 80% of students and is only rendered possible thanks to our sponsors. Children from families with better situations pay low school fees calculated in relation to the parents' salary.

The pre-school

A reformed pre-school

Alongside our teaching team, we have decided to reform the classic approach to pre-school. We attach importance and time to arts and crafts, educational games and to the development of imagination and expression through diverse workshops.


The implication of our teaching team

We have equally made the decision to include our teachers in the evolutive process of the school. They are given responsibilities and participate in the changes by bringing new ideas.

For a few years now, we have managed to maintain a constant team, allowing us to work on long-term projects. Frequently, out teachers bring up new ideas for the school or for our pedagogical system. They equally initiate school events, such as sport tournaments or days dedicated to creativity.

The implication we require from our teachers is demanding. Their lessons are prepared over the whole year and their programs are constructed using varied resources.